Cap `N' Coaster 

This green product is both a patented soda can re-sealer and a can grabbing coaster.

As a Cap, it re-seals all 2⅛ inch (202), and 2⅜ inch (206) neck size soda cans. Most all soda cans are 2⅛ inch neck size (202). It will keep the fizz in the can while refrigerated.

As a Coaster, it attaches to the can and prevents damaging water marks on your expensive furniture.

Through continual use & saved soda pop, Cap'N'Coaster will return its full purchase price many times over.
                                                                                                                                 Made & Packaged in the US

Some Helpful Instructions: 

If the plastic lid is hard or cold or was crushed during shipping, use hot running water to return it to its original molded shape. This will also soften the plastic and help it stretch over the can rim more easily. This FDA sanctioned material is dish-washer safe as it will not melt unless heated above 325 degrees. Typically, dishwashers operate between 130F and 170F (55C to 75C). Our product has two re-sealing rings or grooves to fit both 202 and 206 size soda cans. Most all soda cans are 202, the upper smaller groove.

(1) When using this product as a re-sealer, place your can on a table or flat surface.

(2) Start the can neck in the correct groove and press the plastic down and forward using your thumbs or fingers. Apply pressure directly over the rim, until sealed. The rim is the strongest portion of the can. 


(3) Once re-sealed, the can needs to be refrigerated as the material is designed to harden before the 40 p.s.i. carbonation pops the cap off. The ideal refrigerator temperature is 35F (1.6C).

(4) When using the product as a coaster, place the product on a table or flat surface and push the beverage can into the can grabbing coaster.

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